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All-Inclusive Site Surveys Exclusively For
Kiosks, Automated Merchandising and Retail Stations


SURVEYSTUDIO has spent the last seven years focusing only on bridging the gap between preparation and installation, because we've learned an accurate site survey is pivotal to a successful retail placement.

We believe experience is at the center of innovation.


In the world of kiosks and automated merchandising, what lives between planning and installation is the site survey.  It seems a small effort in comparison, however, we've learned--sometimes the hard way--that while the job may seem small, a failed or inaccurate survey puts all your effort, time, and expense at risk.

The site survey is the critical bridge to your success.

What We Stand For

SURVEYSTUDIO sweats the details so you don't have to.

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The secret to a successful partnership is listening.

Here's what we know... you know best. Yes, we are exclusively focused on creating the world's most effective site surveys. We are also keenly aware that no one knows better than you what you want to accomplish from our work. You define the ultimate success of our work. That's why we listen. To everyone involved.

We listen to you define success. We listen to the retailers describing their unique issues. We listen to the industry research to define best-practices. And, as we listen, we learn how to produce exactly what you were expecting. On time. Every time.

Fast is best, but never at the expense of accuracy.
We've learned how to be both.

"Yesterday" is the world's most popular deadline. To date, the ability to reverse time has eluded us (though, we're open to new ideas!)  Instead, we get as close as we can, by ensuring that we're prepared and efficient at every step in the site survey process.

Couple that with our deep-seated belief that "if you've got time to do it twice, you've got time to do it right, the first time," we have discovered that the secret to delivering fast AND accurate results every time is... experience.

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If the end result seems simple,
then we've done our job.

It may not seem like brain surgery to you, but to us... it really is. The devil lives in the details and we have learned how to distinguish the critical ones from the rest, while never losing sight of every one of the vast number of details that comprise one, "simple" site survey. 

And while simplicity isn't really our primary target, we are proud that the by-product of a lot of experience, a set of crystal clear goals and, of course, a need to stay on plan is what we deliver, every time.

Trusted by the Best in the Industry


Our Team

The people that make it all happen.




After earning his Masters in Architecture and a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Tyler spent a decade practicing as an architect.  With his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded SurveyStudio in 2010 as the result of an epiphany stemming from his dual experiences in architecture as well as his success in building a professional photography company and he now serves as SurveyStudio's CEO. 


BRANNON   Director of Operations

Brannon is SurveyStudio's Director of Operations and leads our survey and logistics teams.  He was the General Manager for Emergency Network Security Systems for 5 years and a GM for more than a decade at McDonald's Corporation prior to coming on board with us.  His expertise also extends to 4 years as a Field Service Engineer and a Surveyor/Installation Manager for Redbox.


MARI-JO   Vice-President 

Mari-Jo spent 12 years as a Director of Client Services, with a focus on Human Services, before taking the lead as SurveyStudio's Vice-President and head of Human Resources.  Her passion for serving others continues to keep our team focused on what's important for our partners and our own employees.


SONNY   Sr Project Manager

Sonny brings a well of experience and is SurveyStudio’s Senior Project Manager. His 35 years as Regional Development Manager at McDonald's Corporation and 8 years of surveying and Project Management makes Sonny our "go-to guy" for advice, direction and project organization.


JEFF   Business Development

Jeff is SurveyStudio’s Director of Business Development, and joins the team after two decades as an entrepreneur, founding three companies of his own and licensing products to Computer Associates, Borland and Microsoft.  He has an endless energy for sharing our message and strives every day to create a community within our industry.


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